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Re: groff outdated on PPC, dselect again

I recently installed potato on a ppc, and I also went through the
frustrating and confusing dselect problems with the man-db package. I did
not have a problem with dselect wanting to install the mentioned libc6-bin
package, although it tried really hard to get me to install jgroff.

(dselect had a very confusing set of screens it runs through when it
thinks you have dependency problems, and I have found it has had trouble
detecting package status properly: it listed "man-db" as "installed" and
refused to download it from the server, even though the files were nowhere
to be found on my hard drive.) 

My solution was to download the man-db package myself and install it with
dpkg: you can get it to ignore dependency issues by using the force

dpkg -i --force depends man-db.[...].deb

This properly installed and configured the man-db package on my system. I
have (so far) not found any incompatibilities with groff-1.15-1, and have
finally been able to read man pages.

Maybe fastest solution to get dselect to install man-db properly would be
to relax it's requirments to 1.15-1 in the dependency tree? Unless there
are comptability problems I haven't seen yet... is 1.15-1 to 1.15-2 a
major revision?

Gary Steele

On Sun, 13 Feb 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:

> Hi,
> the current man-db depends on groff (> 1.15-2) the current version of
> groff on powerpc is still 1.15-1 however (its up to 1.15-3 on i386)
> this prevents man-db update/installation on powerpc right now.  
> furthermore, dselect is pulling another `libc6-bin' it would appear,
> try running dselect and the last dependency screen it thinks it would
> be a good idea to remove man-db and groff and everything that depends
> on either (a very formidable set of packages)... 
> since dselect is somewhat broken in this regard perhaps it would be
> prudent to get the updated groff into the powerpc tree soon? 
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> Ethan Benson
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