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Re: feedback on speak-freely for Debian ppc (next release)

sb@dcs.qmw.ac.uk said:
>  The package currently distributed is 6.1, although 7.1
>  was made available long ago. Version 6.1 does not work
>  on my laptop (Apple Lombad), so I tried 7.1, compiling
>  it with the big endian option. After opening a loopback
>  connection, I got the following error from the program: 
> -- ERROR: sfmike: soundgrab: Invalid argument

 The 2.2.x sound driver for apple's sound hardware doesn't support the mic at 
all. The 2.3.x one does, and I've been pestering the author of the changes to 
get them backported. He said he'd do it when he got some free time, so there 
it stands. I'm sure that's what's causing this particular error, anyway,

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