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Re: PowerPC bootdisks for potato release.

On Thu, Feb 10, 2000 at 10:34:14AM +1100, Brendan J Simon wrote:
> Are the boot disks going to be "ready" for the upcoming relesae of
> powerpc-potato in February (it is still February isn't it ?) ?

Looks like it.

> Is Yaboot required ?  I assume this is the equivalent of lilo on a x86
> machine.
> Do I "have" to allocate a 800KB HFS partition on my hard disk ?

Booting is still up in the air.  Probably the more reliable ways of
booting will want the HFS partition - yaboot and miBoot look good for
macos-free alternatives.  I'm tempted to dump Quik entirely.

> I've installed Debian-2.1 on an intel machine once.  All I needed was a
> boot disk and the base*tgz file.  Will it be exactly the same for a
> powerpc machine ?

Probably not.  We may or may not have bootable CDs; depends how well
yaboot and miBoot are coming, and whether I or someone else has time to
make it work.  We'll have a ramdisk that can be started from an
existing macos install.


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