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Re: booting from openfirmware

At 01:41 -0900 2000-02-07, Ethan Benson wrote:
>On Mon, Feb 07, 2000 at 03:45:46AM -0500, gsteele@MIT.EDU wrote:
>> 0 > setenv boot-device fd:0  ok
>> 0 > setenv boot-file /linux load_ramdisk=1 root=/dev/ram video=keep  ok
>> 0 > boot unrecognized Client Program formatstate not valid
>>  ok
>I am not too familier with that machine's OF, but it looks to me like
>it does not support filesystems, AFAIK the only macs that have OF
>capable of reading a filesystem is the newworld (colored) ones. (I
>assume that the clones just used Apple's current incarnations of OF at
>the time rather then make their own)

That's not true, even the most broken versions of Apple OF understand HFS
filesystems on floppies at least.

The issue here is that `linux' is an ELF image, which nothing pre-newworld

Incidentally the `bootargs' file is probably wrong, 'video=keep' isn't
something I've ever seen.
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