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Re: Sound woes

>David Given wrote:
>> And is there any way of persuading the Platinum video hardware to do anything
>> better than a frankly pathetic 640x480?
>What kernel arguments are you using?  Are you booting w/ "No Video Driver"?  What
>X server?  You can manually set your video mode w/ vmode (you have to boot w/ the
>a video driver though) or by a command line to the X server, like startx -- -mode
>17 -depth 16...something like that (check out startx --help for all the

I'm using the X framebuffer server, no kernel arguments, and I don't think I'm 
booting with a video driver. (I haven't rebooted for weeks.) And I don't have 
vmode and I can't find a package containing it. Is there any documentation on 

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