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Mozilla M13 build available

Thanks to the efforts of Franz Sirl, waterson, and many others (including the 
whole mozilla team), the mozilla project now supports Linux/PowerPC (Way to go 
guys!). A PowerPC build (compiled by yours truly) of mozilla M13 is now 
available on ftp.mozilla.org and, presumably, most if not all mirrors. Note 
that this is an updated build from the one originally placed on mozilla.org - 
the new copy's md5 sum (for verification, should you so desire) is:

$ md5sum mozilla-ppc-unknown-linux-gnu-M13.tar.gz 
c3a2116818b672a1ef42f9fa27036656  mozilla-ppc-unknown-linux-gnu-M13.tar.gz

If you have the older build (from yesterday) and have it working, there is no 
compelling reason to re-download. The only changes center around the first run 
and link errors  regarding the absence of libelf.so.0 on LinuxPPC. This build 
is statically linked with libelf, so the various solutions (mostly fairly 
ugly) bandied around the linuxppc-dev list should no longer be necessary. 
Also, the component.reg file is included so that it is no longer necessary to 
run it as root immediately after install.

It requires glibc2.1 (debian, LinuxPPC 1999, probably most others), and 
libstdc++-2.10, which many of you may need to obtain separately)

LinuxPPC users: ftp.linuxppc.com/linuxppc-1999/software/updates
debian users:   apt-get install libstdc++2.10
others:         see your distribution ftp site, I really don't know.

This version was built with 
./configure --disable-tests --disable-debug --enable-optimize --enable-x11-shm

To install it, untar the file in a location of your choice (I suggest 
To run mozilla,
cd /usr/local/package (or wherever you put it) and type

Good Luck all, and please keep in mind that this is pre-release software. All 
the usual caveats of such software apply. This build has been tested on 
Debian/PPC (my platform) and on LinuxPPC 1999. It has not been tested on 
MkLinux, Yellowdog Linux, or others, but it is likely that it will work. If 
you are seeing library problems, or other problems most likely related to this 
specific build, please feel free to contact me about them (email me directly, 
please). If you are seeing problems with mozilla itself, please see 
http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/, and either add comments to existing bugs (try 
the search function) or file a new bug report.

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