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Re: Stray f7 character when switching back to X from virtual console

> --- Renaud Dreyer <rdreyer@math.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> > When I switch back to X (Virtual Terminal 7), after having visited another
> > virtual console, by pressing control-command-f7, a stray f7 character
> > gets generated into whatever window I'm working at the moment in X. 
> A wild guess: Maybe you release the command key before f7?

I just checked and it doesn't make a difference.

> > This is on a PowerMac 7300 with a Rage 128 Orion, running the rage128
> > accelerated Xpmac. Thanks,
> Or then maybe it's a server problem...

Hmmm... I've been using this same Xpmac under LinuxPPC earlier and
it never did that... This starting to really get on my nervers, as it
generates a loud beep everytime I switch back to X. Thanks,


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