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My console's scrolling is still extremely slow! (and other annoyances)

I just compiled and installed a pure 2.2.14 kernel with only the Rage128
fb patch, for my PowerMac 7300 with a Rage Orion video card. I thought
it would solve my slow console problems but it didn't!

Basically, when I installed Debian, I had a normal, fast console. As
soon as I exited dselect, the last past of the install, the console
slowed down to a scroll. When I rerun deslect under the console, pages
scroll agonizingly slowly. When I'm choosing packages and switching
from non-verbose to verbose mode, it takes more than 10 seconds for
the page to be redrawn!

Any idea what could be the problem? What did I screw up in the install
to get such a huge slowdown? I never had that problem with LinuxPPC,
the same hardware and the same kernel. Which utility should I fiddle
with to fix the console?

I have 2 other problems: 

* The delete and backpace key are switched when
running xterm's and netscape (but not in emacs or xemacs or the

* When I boot, I get the following message:

/etc/modules.conf is more recent than /lib/modules/2.2.14/modules.dep
modprobe: insmod * failed

I'd appreciate any advice on solving those 3 problems. Thanks,


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