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Re: yaboot etc

Sergio Brandano wrote:
>  Hi, I have a little question on yaboot
>  http://calvaweb.calvacom.fr/bh40/test.html
> - Is it the only way to boot kernel 2.2.14+ ?
> - As I am still booting 2.2.13 with BootX on my Lombard, is there any
>   chance to boot 2.2.14+ with BootX?
> - I am puzzled by the installation instructions of yaboot and its
>   installer. Is yaboot a binary for linux or Mac? I mean, BootX runs
>   on MacOS, but is not clear where yaboot should be really installed.
>   I have the binary, but what do I do with it? Also, if I use yaboot,
>   do I have to remove BootX? If I remove BootX, does yaboot give me
>   cute window for choosing the OS?
> - concerning the yaboot installer, it is supposed to install yaboot in
>   a boot partition, which may also be a MacOS partition. So is yaboot
>   MacOS bin or a Linux bin?
>  These instructions are not clear.
>  Sergio

And while we are at it, does it work on older Macs (e.g. 8500) ?


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