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Re: Problems compiling 2.2.15pre4 kernel


Yes, I'm running 2.2.15pre4:

Linux diziet 2.2.15pre4-karma #1 Sun Jan 23 16:31:03 PST 2000 ppc unknown

This kernel compiled for me with no problems, but machine checked
on start up (courtesy of the dumb serial support, which seems to
be my single common problem with compiling new kernels).  But once
I'd disabled that (and cleaned up), the kernel built and runs.  My
configuration seems roughly similar to yours (you have more things
building as modules, and you don't seem to have any network

My machine is a PowerComputing PowerCenter 132 (132 MHz 604e),
based on Apple's Catalyst motherboard (making it sort of like a
7200, although the kernel thinks it's a 7300), with built in
``Platinum'' video.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but at least you know it *can*
build on some PPC machines.


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