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Re: Need your input for keymap configuration

On Mon, Jan 24, 2000, Kevin Puetz <puetzk@iastate.edu> wrote:

>> That's understood - I was looking for a way to detect potential input
>> devices hooked up to USB even when there's no OF supported USB. But I
>> figure that's a rare corner case, we should better focus on handling
>> the primary input devices properly. 
>Fine with me, as long as it's reasonably simple to override. I don't expect 
>the miracle of correctly detecting and automatically using this card, just 
>don't make it painful to force USB.

Normally, all USB keycodes are converted to ADB keycodes so that the
keymaps can be the same. Also, with recent kernels, both ADB and USB mice
use the ps/2 protocol (imps2 in gpm and IMPS/2 in XF86Config). The recent
XPmac supports all of those.

The only "trick" is to have the correct link in /dev/mouse to either
/dev/adbmouse or /dev/usbmouse. (Also, with recent kernels, /dev/usbmouse
must be "c 10 32").

I know gpm can multiplex both mouse inputs, it may be wise to setup this
by default so that it uses both the usb mouse and the adb mouse.
Eventually, an option in the configuration tool for asking wether the
mouse is USB or ADB to setup the correct symlink in /dev/mouse would be nice.

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