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Re: lpstyl Stylewriter drivers?


On Sun, Jan 23, 2000 at 12:09:36AM -0800, Renaud Dreyer wrote:
>    In which Debian package can I find the drivers for the Apple
> Stylewriter printers? In LinuxPPC those are in the lpstyl RPM.

  In none. I made a deb for lpstyl a while ago, but nobody much seemed
interested, and I didn't have enough time to maintain it officially. The
author would also not return any of my emails :(

> Do Red Hat and Debian handle printers the same way? If that's the case,
> I could simply alienize that RPM in case a Debian package doesn't
> exist yet. Thanks,

  Aliening the package should work fine. It may put programs in strange
places, but at least it will work. Tell me if you have any troubles.


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