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Re: Need your input for keymap configuration

"der.hans" wrote:

> will show you the exact output of thescript between the
> parens.  Presumably this include a newline, however. If that's the case do
> "thescript >outfile", then vi the outfile and do ":set list", that puts a
> $ at the end of the line, e.g. "Arch ist: powerppc/mac $" means there's a
> space in there. ":q!" will quit vi without saving, just in case you don't
> normally use vi.

yeah, there's an endline, but there is definatly a space at the end...i get
"Arch ist: powerpc/mac $"

--Nelson Abramson

"Every time you get a dialog box you don't understand, you ought to get a
 from Microsoft, and every time it crashes, you should get a dollar.  That
 make Bill Gates homeless and me a rich man." --Ben Schneiderman, University
Maryland computer science professor
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