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Re: Need your input for keymap configuration

> >  usb is not available on every powerpc machine. We fixed console-data
> > yesterday, lets hope this will doit what we want for potato.
> Could you please post the definitive fix?  I tried the fix posted yesterday, and
> it still gave me errors....or are you just going to update the console-data
> package on the ftp servers..?

The package will be available in the next days (Yann Dirson is the maintainer, and he
will do some last tests before uploading it). 

my $arch = `dpkg --print-installation-architecture`;
chomp $arch;

if (($arch eq 'powerpc') || ($arch eq 'm68k')) {
       my $subarch;
       if ($arch eq 'powerpc') {
            my $line = `grep ^machine /proc/cpuinfo`;
            chomp $line;
            abort ($defs, "No \"machine\" field in /proc/cpuinfo") if $line eq '';
            $subarch = lc substr ($line, 11);
        } elsif ($arch eq 'm68k') {
            my $line = `grep ^Model: /proc/hardware`;
            chomp $line;
            abort ($defs, "No \"Model\" field in /proc/hardware") if $line eq '';
            $subarch = lc substr ($line, 7);
        $subarch =~ s/^\s*//;
        $subarch = 'amiga'      if $subarch =~ m/^amiga/;
        $subarch = 'mac'        if $subarch =~ m/^macintosh|powermac|powerbook|power|imac|powermac1/;
        $subarch = 'atari'      if $subarch =~ m/^atari/;
	$subarch = 'chrp'       if $subarch =~ m/^chrp/;
	$subarch = 'prep'       if $subarch =~ m/^prep/;
        $subarch = 'mvme'       if $subarch eq 'motorola';

        $arch = "$arch/$subarch";

Replace this part in the  console-data.config  file.  (/var/lib/dpkg/info/console-data.config).



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