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Re: nmap

On 20/1/2000 Sergio Brandano wrote:

 I can not scan my own machine using nmap
 (it works fine when scanning another machine though)

 > nmap V. 2.12 by Fyodor (fyodor@dhp.com, www.insecure.org/nmap/)

hmm i noticed this too but thought it was a side affect of the masqerading/firewall rules that were in place..

it does seem to do something as stuff shows up in the the logs (if you have ippl installed) it just seems to never finish.

note that if you are doing a udp scan they naturally take forever.

speaking of network stuff does anyone have any suggestions on how to mount an nfs share on a box connected to the internet via ppp dialup and providing masqerading, without leaving all the junk portmap happily opens open to the world? I have tried a few things with ipchains with various levels of breakage to my network :-(

Ethan Benson
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