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Very slow console

   I apologize for all the questions... I'm just trying to make everything
right under Debian PowerPC and I'm almost there. One thing that's
bothering me is the extremely slow console I'm plagued with. It was
fast while I was doing the installation, up until I quit dselect
for the first time, and then it started crawling. dselect windows
typically take 10-15 seconds to refresh. What could cause such a slowdown?
I installed off the boot floppies and am running the 2.2.12 kernel
provided. I'm running a PowerMac 7300 with a rage Orion. My
accelerated X Server is running reasonably fast. Thanks,


P.S. Anyone know where I can find WMClock, the WindowMaker NextSTEP clock
clone, in Debian format? All I could find was asclock which is buggy.

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