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Re: Announcing: XFree86 Xserver accelerated for Rage 128 from XFree86 3.9.17

khendricks@ivey.uwo.ca said:
> Announcing: XFree86 r128 Xserver (version 1) from the pre-XFree4.0
> (based on xfree86 version 3.9.17) distribution from the XFree86 org.

> This Xserver has full Rage 128 acceleration and supports both hardware
> and software cursors.  In x11perf testing, this Xserver beats Xpmac
> (currently revision 8) on most performance measures (but not all). 

Wohoo! mozilla last night (I have a working build!) Xfree 3.9 today!
Sorry bout the excitability - the number of Linux-not-PPC packages was 
beginning to concern me, but they're getting fixed in droves.

Presumably, then, this works only on Rage 128? I've still got a Rage II+ :-*. 
Or is it just not accelerated much (or at all) then? I'm probably not going to 
switch (unless you want a tested with an older machine, Beige G3 Rev1 
Desktop), but I'm curious about the support for somewhat older video cards.

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