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Re: Installing Debian over DHCP

On 14/1/2000 Kevin Puetz wrote:

It's hard to download the client that will let your networking start to
function if you replaced your other OS. But I see your point here.

which is why a working dhcp client needs to be in the base system. (i have not even checked i don't need (and hope i never do:)) dhcp.

 > selection and installtion is done with dselect from your base system
 > not from dbootstrap.

Is there time to make sure that dhcp is in base_2_2.tgz then? Just to avoid
the chicken and egg problem if you replaced your only other OS :-).
Or are we too late?

the freeze is tomorrow, so maybe ...

I would also like hfsutils in the base system since there is no way to make a newworld mac bootable without it. (if you have replaced macos and do not/cannot use bootx that is)

Ethan Benson
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