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Re: Installing Debian over DHCP

On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:

> On 13/1/2000 Renaud Dreyer wrote:
> >I have a friend who's about to switch from MkLinux to LinuxPPC, and who I'm
> >trying to convince to try Debian. He has cable modem so FTP installation
> >should be easy (I downaloaded all the packages I'd chosen in 13 minutes...),
> >however he's using DHCP. I didn't see any option to use this from the
> >installer (it's either static or PPP it seems). Is there a hack he could
> >use to make this work? I was think it might be possible
> >to temporarily exit the installer, go into a shell, get the DHCP package
> >(previously downloaded on another partition), launch it manually and then
> >go back to the installer. Would that work?
> unless you are installing the base system from over NFS you don't 
> need any network access in dbootstrap, I do not know if dhcp is in 
> the base system or not, if not (which would be somewhat broken given 
> the pervasiveness of this nasty dhcp `thing') you would have to just 
> go find the deb package and install it manually then you would have 

This issue just came across debian-devel today. Apparently the stock
potato kernel won't work for dhclient (dhcp-client), but one can use

Another option is to get a lease with another box, disconnect that box
from the net, boot the ppc box, install using the info from the lease,
then install dhcp client and renegotiate the lease.

It's a pain and it would be better to have dhcp available at install, but
that won't be making it into potato...



> no problems using apt + dselect to install the rest of the system.
> now if you are installing base from nfs that is not over the cable 
> modem just use private IP addresses to access your private lan.

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