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Re: about PowerPc - offtopic

Is that only for an iBook, or is it a more generic change?


BenH wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 10, 2000, hughc <hughc@babcockbrown.com> wrote:
> >Of course, if disk-intensiveness is a large part of the compiling
> process, you
> >probably need to spend a fair amount of time with hdparm before it works at
> >it's
> >best.  According to it's built-in benchmarks, disk throughput practically
> >doubled
> >on my 400 mhz "Bronze" laptop when I set it to autotune.
> >
> >Is hdparm available with Debian?
> depending on which options you used when the kernel was compiled, this
> may be done automatically.
> My latest "ibook" kernel contains some IDE changes that will
> automatically set the disk to the best support DMA mode.

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