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Re: speaking of HFS partitions...

At 16:48 -0700 2000-01-07, Jeremiah Merkl wrote:
>So, anyways, I get it booted up, and go to repartition the drive...only to
>find out that every *fdisk program expects a MS/DOS partition table, and can't
>read the MacOS table currently on the disk. Even the "pmac-fdisk" one...which
>stupified me.

pmac-fdisk came from a source package made a long time ago by a m68k
oriented person who made an incorrect assumption, I replaced this with
mac-fdisk a number of months ago, but powerpc hasn't had a new
boot-floppies build since then.

>I remember using pdisk and/or pmac-fdisk at one point, which all worked
>properly, but I noticed that even on my system currently running Debian-PPC I
>don't have an fdisk that will handle this...

AFAIK that package has always been broken and I should know because I was
the one that bootstrapped the first glibc 2.1 based incarnation of
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