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Re: xfree

>>>>> "hans" == der hans <deb-ppc@LuftHans.com> writes:

    >> I installed Debian on a Powerbook G3, but I just found out
    >> there is no xf88config, or xf86setup.
    >> Where can I get this packages?

    hans> They don't exist for the ppc chipset :).

Ah, but they do, just not in Debian.  However, I tried aliening
the Xconfigurator and Xautoconfig RPMs from LinuxPPC.  Xautoconfig
segfaults, and Xconfigurator (1) requires a couple of files
defining your mouse and keyboard types (apparently Red
Hat-centric) and (2) didn't work for me, anyway (that is, didn't
produce an XF86Config that worked on my machine).

    hans> I forget what the xserver for macs is, but you should be
    hans> able to find some info in the xserver-common package.

Even better for you, you can look on the Web and find some
ready-made XF86Config files that should do the trick.
Unfortunately, it seems like all such files are for G3 desktop or
PowerBook Macs -- you could be forgiven for thinking that everyone
running Linux on a Mac bought a brand-new machine for the job.

See, for instance, LinuxPPC on the PowerBook G3
(<http://xenu.phys.uit.no/~alvin/linux/pbg3.html>), or do a search
on Google for XF86Config, G3, PowerMac, PowerBook, or other
relevant keywords.

Good luck!

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