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Re: Continuing Annoyances...

--- Hartmut Koptein <Hartmut.Koptein@t-online.de> wrote:

> > 1. gdm locks up the keyboard when started at boot time.
> > 
> >    X starts, gdm comes up, the mouse works, but you can't type.
> >    Which also means you can't switch to a virtual terminal to stop
> >    and restart gdm.  (Luckily we have three Unix machines in our
> >    house, so it's only annoying to have to telnet or ssh in and
> >    fix the problem.)
> I have the same effect with xdm on an athlon system. Dunno what the
> problems is.  Start X on the console with     startx

gdm works fine on my Athlon. Are you using fbdev?


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