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Re: xfstt fonts unavailable

On Sun, 02 Jan 2000, Tom Vier wrote:
> i can't seem to get xfstt to work correctly. xlsfont, gimp, and xfontsel all
> list the true type fonts, but i can't actually use them. gimp says "font
> unavaliable" and xfontsel won't refresh the sample text area of its window
> when a TT font is selected.
> anyone have xfstt working?

It works fine on my machine. Right now my mail program (kmail) is using "Andale
Mono" a Microsoft Web TrueType font. It's a nice and readable monospaced font.
I have 63 other TrueType fonts also installed (which all work well).

Things to check is that the truetype fonts have permissions that are readable
by the font server (since xfstt may be set on your machine to run as nobody),
that xfstt is running [usually on port 7101](and XF86_FBDev knows about them
properly in /etc/X11/XF86Config's font section) and that they are valid
Windows-type fonts. Also check you don't have a really old version of xfstt,
older versions had trouble with some non-Microsoft truetype fonts.

Note: I have been unable to get the Apple's TrueType fonts to convert properly
to Windows format for Linux. But other then that, every font I have found
around (on the web, etc.) seems to work fine with xfstt.


Andrew B. Arthur            
aim: aarthurppc

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