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Re: Congrat to Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org>

On Sat, Dec 18, 1999 at 07:37:52PM -0600, Shaw Terwilliger wrote:
> > First of all, that script contained intel assembly.  Second of all,
> > crack does NOT run ssh and never has.
> What's so hard about shuffling the egg around for PPC assembly?
> All it takes is a copy of the binary, GCC and your favorite hex editor.  

You've obviously never tried it.  Writing shellcode assembly for
powerpc is very, very difficult.  It took me and Anthony Tong several
weeks to put it together.

> It was my mistake that I thought crack.linuxppc.org ran SSH.  I had 
> telnetted to port 22 of the wrong machine.  Both linuxppc.org (A record 
> and www.linuxppc.org both run SSH 1.2.27 on port 22. 

Ah, gotcha.

> I would still like to know where I could find more information on
> the crack.  Perhaps you could offer something other than resentment?

There won't be any more information at least until after Jeff Carr
responds to the email I sent him.  Press on this is his ball, although
I might run out of patience if he doesn't answer me soon.

I'm going to put together a thorough writeup for BUGTRAQ sometime next


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