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Re: Building Kerberos

hazelsct@mit.edu said:
> Nothing fancy at all, just some fixes to configure.in et al because
> ndbm.h is in /usr/include/db1 on Debian.  The patch is very
> debian-specific (or glibc2-specific?), and should probably be made
> more generic so it looks first in the default include path and then in
> /usr/include/db1, before sending it upstream to KTH. 

It would also be nice if these packages could be updated to the latest 
upstream (0.10.1). I submitted this, but the BTS seems to have eaten it - I 
can get to it by #52178 but I haven't heard a reply and it's not showing up in 
the package's page. Oh well, that I certainly can't do as a US citizen...

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