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Re: Xpmac

> Does someone plain to add the Xpmac server in debian-powerPC ??
> I doubt it, since that was a somewhat nonstandard server (requires it's own
> kernel config option). Why do you want it? Why not just use XF86_FBDev?

Because, i want to connect a external monitor on my PB !
It's work with the Xpmac but not with FBDev.

The Xpmac server work directly on debian but the fonts is not reconize.
Then i can connect a external monitor in 1280x1024.
With th FBDev, all is good but this xserver cannot use the external monitor.

If you have a solution do to that with FBDev it's better for me and
i dont need Xpmac.


Jean-Philippe FASSINO

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