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Re: esound = e problems

>>  I finally understood why X11 does not start. At startx, the
>>  enlightenment window manager triggers some sounds via esdplay.
>>  Although esd is up, esdplay does not work, triggering the problem.

> esd process must be own by you inorder that esdplay can run. also,
> check permission on /dev/dsp, /dev/audio, /dev/mixer

 The permissions of the devices are ok.
 I tried esdplay as root, still it does not work.
 I also stopped and restarted esd, but no, it does not work.

 For double checking, could you please post the result of
 ``ls -l'' on /dev/dsp audio and mixer, as well as esd and
 esdplay. I want to check the owner and group too.

 Thank you,

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