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Re: [mkoz@umich.edu: Debian PPC disks]

This begs a question - what's the status of the Debian-ppc boot-floppies? Do 
they work now? Because if not, I don't think we want these people 
demonstrating the half-install LinuxPPC, untar base, write /etc/init.d/network 
yourself, reboot, hit lots of snages trying to get apt to work (needs perl, 
perl's not in the base) install that I had. I love this dist now that it's up, 
but it's not installfest-ready unless that has changed...

Hartmut.Koptein@t-online.de said:
> we already have lots of cds for intel-compatible hardware and would
> like to have at least some linux solutions for mac hardware. we are
> planing to promote macos as a non-microsoft solution, but being that
> things are mostly linux focused we would like to have something to
> offer if someone asks.

I assume you've also talked to LinuxPPC (www.linuxppc.com) and YellowDog 
(yellowdoglinux.com)? Just 'cause we like alternatives... They are all 

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