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Re: MOL works on PB3400

On Wed, Dec 8, 1999, Michel "Dänzer"  <mdaenzer@yahoo.com> wrote:

>> I tried to get it to run on APUS (is this supposed to run on non-mac
>> machines,
>> anyway?) and failed. I could create and compile a patched 2.2.10 kernel,
>> but that did not boot.
>Are you sure the patch is needed for APUS? How well did it apply?

The latest MOL (0.9.27) will run without a ROM image. It can load the
"newworld" ROM-in-RAM used by B&W G3s and can boot from a CD. That means
that it should be possible to directly boot the MacOS install CD and
install MacOS from MOL without any ROM image on any PPC machine running
linux. (There is no more need for a special SCSI driver neither, MOl now
contains its own block driver). I have been tested successfully with
MacOS 9.0.

So basically, MOL can work on APUS. However, the kernel patches will
probably have some trouble on the APUS kernel since, I think, this kernel
has a very different memory management and some specific stuffs in the
interrupt vectors. Only an APUS kernel guru could answer about this but
you can try and see if it works "as-is".

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