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Several troubles

 Hi all,

 I am updating the packages and lots of things are now misbehaving.
 I'll try to summarize them all.

 1. XFree complaints that it can not access the basic fonts.
    This is quite surprising. I checked the paths and dirs, but all
    seems fine.

 2. rwhod is very undesired in this network as it triggers security
    alarms. Whowever, netbase is deleted if rwhod is deleted, with the
    nice result that I have no network anymore. I fixed it, but the
    dependency is still there. Also, dselect says that netstd is a
    legacy package that I should remove; the fact is that, again, if I
    remove i, also netbase is removed with it.

 3. I now have Md5Sum mismatch errors when downloading.

 Assuming all of this will be fixed one day, XFree on my Lombard is
 still ... veeeery slow. What can I do?

 Thank you for all the help you may provide.


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