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Re: gcc 2.95.2 vs 2.91

linuxppc@home.com said:
> *sigh* this isn't just powerpc. this is x86 too. I can't get ANY
> kernels
> to compile with gcc 2.95 or 2.91. Folks, I think at this point it's
> SERIOUSLY advisable to just abandon gcc 2.9x as primary and change it
> to
> optional. There's just too much stuff that will NOT compile with it. I
> mean, hell, the damn thing is spitting out asm errors for 'mov' on
> x86!
> I've had NO problems with or 2.8.x to date. >
> -prj

> _any_ kernels?   i just compiled 2.2.13 on gccf 2.95.1 and 2.95.2. 

Same here (2.95.x are fine with new kernels, say 2.2.12/13). Besides, older 
gcc's (pre egcs/2.91) hardly even work on PPC... certainly they optimize 

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