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Request another powerpc compilation of libforms0.89

[I don't subscribe to this list.  Please CC replies to me.]

A few days ago, I uploaded another, hopefully fixed, bersion of
libforms0.89_0.89-2 to master.debian.org:~psg/.  It's supposed to
build on powerpc (it's the only non-i386 we currently have the
non-source library for).

I emailed Matt about it, and have had no reply.  He must be busy
(although I have lost the copy of the email I sent him, so
perhaps I messed up and never sent it), so would someone mind
downloading the source, trying to build a binary package for
powerpc (it's a drop-in replacement for libforms0.88), perhaps
even try recompiling some simple XForms app with it (xcolmix for

If it works as anticipated, I'll upload the new
libforms0.89_0.89-2 and you can then upload your new binary


Peter Galbraith <psg@debian.org>

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