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Re: KDE problems

Can you make these available? As tarballs at least?
Or would your network connection make uploading them too painful?

I'd like a peek, but don't have time to build from CVS source. Not for a while 
anyway. Maybe when 1.89 is around...

jbenedic@zoo.uvm.edu said:
> I have built recent snapshots of the KDE libraries and KOffice. It was
> a pain in the arse, takes a huge amount of virtual memory. 

1.1 didn't thrill me much, but I'd like to see how KOffice is progressing 
relative to abiword and gnumeric (where I do real work now, probably 

On a slightly related note, could someone either get the rest of the gnome 
1.0.40/1.0.50 gnome stuff up, or backtrack to 1.09 so that gnome will install?

Are the other packages not building or what? Are older versions archived 
somewhere? I'd also like to backtrack to egcs so that I can build a kernel, 
since gcc-2.95 is causing some weird problems (it's trying to autoclean the 
USB mouse driver module, near as I can tell). I only get backtraces 
sporadically in kern.log (which I've run through ksymoops, getting the above), 
how would I even approach debugging kernel crashes? Is a serial terminal the 
best/only way (have to get a cable).

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