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Re: potato's base is broken


> All other users with a working system: any problems with
> packages / installation ... ?

Yes, definitely.  As I mentioned in a previous message, lots of
things (including dselect) broke when dselect updated the version
of ncurses from our CD-ROM to a version that depended on newer C
libraries than the base system included (maybe not the base
system's fault, but it would be nice if such things were up to
date).  Also, the installation routine didn't work for us because
the profile information wasn't present (I rechecked the
base_2.2.tgz file later and found that the <base>/root/profiles
directory (which pkgsel reads to find profiles) is empty.  So is
<base>/root/tasks.).  That meant installing packages using a
script which ran dpkg to install everything listed as being
required, recommended, or important.

The base2.2.tgz system also doesn't include device files for more
than two SCSI hard disks (sda and sdb), which was a problem on my
system with three SCSI hard disks, or the loop device, which can
be useful for such tasks as checking a CD-ROM image before
burning it.

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