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BootX 1.1.2 in a tarball

Ok, I finally followed Brad Midgley suggestion to make a tarball of the
BootX folder copied to a netatalk volume. So you have a tarball
containing all the .AppleDouble stuffs. You can get this back intact on
MacOS (with resource forks, type/creators, ...) only by mounting it over
the network via netatalk. However, you win the ability to read the source
from Linux ;-) (You may still have trouble with MacOS-like carriage
returns, I'll try to fix this for the next minor release).

So welcome http://calvaweb.calvacom.fr/bh40/BootX_1.1.2.tgz ;-)

However, take care of the fact that ordinary MacOS tools like Stuffit are
completely unable to expand those things. The result is usually
unuseable. I hope someone with a bit of MacOS knowledge will find the
time to write a decompression tool for that. I do have the knowledge but
unfortunately not the time :-(

n.b. you may have noticed the cross-postingm, don't reply to all
recipients of this email !

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