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[ANN] BootX 1.1.2 released

The new BootX is finally here, it's at

This version contains various fixes, including the B&3/iMac/Lombard sound
disabled problem (application) and the G3 screen resolution problem
(extension). I've fixed a rare problem in the extension that could cause
a crash when loading the Finder on a machine on which BootX Extension is
installed (and could also crash when trying to boot Linux). I hope this
gets rid of all the reported conflicts...

Note to distribution makers (especially Debian): The archive is still
compressed with Stuffit (proprietary), I'm looking for a simple and
efficient way of compressing Mac files (with types/creators and resource
forks) with only free tools. There's a MacGzip but it cannot tar, so it's
pretty messy (I may have an outdated version). If someone has an
solution, I'll be glad to distribute the next version in a free format.

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