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RES: Apple vs. IBM

> 3. Sun Ultra5 machines (which start at $2400) outsell 43P150 
> machines by a
> large margin.

	All right, but last time I searched Ultra5 was an IDE, limited
upgrade machine... 256 colors only!

> not workstations. If service and support are so expensive, 
> they should be
> made an option just like extra memory. Personally, I still 

	True!  That's what I'd love to see: workstation class machines
running GNU/Linux or GNU/Hurd with service and support charged as options.

> contend that IBM
> is out of touch when it comes to Un*x workstations. Even the 43P140 is
> overpriced if you look at how much they charge for components.

	IBM never made (only) small mistakes, did they?  Proprietary MCA,
handling of OS/2, PS/2 prices...

	But I still would like to see a more in-depth comparision of the
RS/6000 and the G3 Macs.

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra
Amdocs (Brasil) Ltda

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