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Re: util-linux and hwclock

> > The util-linux pkg provides hwclock which doesn't work on PPC. Should
> > this be removed?
> I can remove it from the package for the powerpc arch., but I'd rather
> appreciate if someone could send me the patch that would make hwclock work
> on powerpc (I don't have a powerpc machine anymore, so I can't test it)...
> ;)

The hwclock works on powerpc, but not on all types. 

 isis:~# hwclock
 Tue Aug  3 11:16:22 1999  -0.275828 seconds

This is with my chrp system. 

Other powerpc types use the 'adb' clock, the clock binary is in the
powerpc-utils package (/sbin/clock). 

I think, your powerpc.debian.org account is still valid, bug me if not. 



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