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Re: Problems with Debian-based minimal rootfs

On Mon, Jul 26, 1999 at 08:05:38PM -0700, Matt Porter wrote:
> Hi,
> I am building a minimal rootfs that will loads as a large ramdisk when
> booting some nodes on a clustered system.  I'm basically pulling pieces by
> hand from a working PowerPC potato system as each node is PowerPC-based.
> I only have the need to allow serial login and networking (rshd etc) so
> I've stripped a lot of the sysvinit scripts out.  It has /etc/init.d/rc
> and rcS.  It then has checkroot.sh, checkfs.sh, and bootmisc.sh running in
> the single user runlevel.  In runlevel 2, I just run the network scripts.
> The problem is that applications making use getpwnam() and friends can't
> seem to parse my /etc/passwd (even though it is good, ripped out my
> example system).  When bootmisc.sh attempts to chmod the tty* devices to
> root.tty, it complains about an unknown user.  Further, /bin/login
> complains that any user I enter is invalid and unknown.  I know this must
> be something really trivial that I'm missing.  I've attached a dump of my
> errors below.  Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Let me guess - you're using a very minimal set of shared libraries

My guess would be that the NSS modules aren't on your rootfs. 
Particularly /lib/libnss_files* and /etc/nsswitch.conf.


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