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RES: About PowerPC processors

> Hi, I'm just wondering what kind of hardware I can buy to 
> build a Linux 
> machine around for example a G4-processor. I don't want to 

	G4s are not yet available as far as I know.

> buy an ordinary 
> Macintosh. I have always built my own computers with the 
> things I like, but 

	Motorola has some interesting PCI motherboards with SCSI integrated.

> I have always based them on a Intel-processor. I thought it 
> was time to try 
> something else, and I read about the new powerful 
> Motorola/IBM PowerPC 
> processor-family. Could you please give me some tips about 

	Not so knew, they have already many years in the market.  It is
already a stabilished and proven architecture.

> what processor I 
> should buy, and what kind of things I should buy around it, 

	I think the only one available for general purpose computers is the
G3 generation... even the cheapest G3 should be a very fast machine to run
GNU/Linux under.

> for example 
> motherboard, memory, graphics adapter... and so on, that I 

	Memory should now be around 32 to 64 MBs, more than that only if you
will run some big fat program like heavy graphics or databases.

	Graphics adapter, check http://xfree.org./ and

	Ah, and first thing http://debian.org./ports/powerpc/

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra
Amdocs (Brasil) Ltda

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