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Re: Embedded PPC root filesystem

On Thu, Jul 08, 1999 at 03:53:07PM +0100, Adrian Cox wrote:
> My embedded PowerPC board booted a Linux kernel for the first time
> today.
> Now it needs a root file system. Can anybody give me some tips on
> setting up a root file system for an embedded PowerPC, in an initrd or
> by nfsroot? 
> Can I force dpkg on the (x86) host to install PowerPC packages into a
> PowerPC root directory? If so, what's a good minimum set for a machine
> which only has a serial console?

You're not going to be able to force dpkg to do it; or rather, you
don't want to.  The --root and --force-arch(itecture?) options will let
it work but you are better using dpkg --unpack then --install, and
trying to configure it later on the powerpc with dpkg --configure
--pending.  May need some hand tweaking.


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