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Re: install problems...kinda. Anyone help?

I wrote:

> can anyone shed any light on this?
> -----
> ...
> <stuff>
> Kernel panic: kernel access of bad area pc C0045D20 lr C0045CB0 address 386182
> tsk dpkg/422
> -----

Well, I grabbed the vmlinux - 2.2.7 vger from ftp.linuxppc.org, and I havn't had a
kernel panic since. This is good.

Machine Info (touched up):

> PowerMacintosh 5400/180 (603ev)
> 48 Megs of RAM
> lots of extra HDs. -- Internal IDE, 3 external SCSI.

has a CSII 10/T ethernet card, and an 8x SCSI CD.

The 54xx/52xx machines also aparently have wonkey SCSI controllers, but I'm not
positive on that.

Anyways -- long story short: I can't upgrade libreadline without everything
segfaulting afterwards.

I upgraded everything else with apt, and put libreadline, bash, netbase, and
netstd on hold in order to do it. Whether I upgrade by hand (following the FAQ I
found on upgrading  bash -- from the libc5 to libc6 mini howto) or let apt do it
(which follows the same order) after libreadline gets installed, all of the
installer scripts go bust, and everything else quickly follows.

So, is it my bad karma, my machine, or a poorly compiled libreadline package? If
it's the package, I suppose I should file a bug against it. And if a bug needs to
be filed, is it the same package maintainer for all platforms?

And one other little thing -- what are the appropriate options to make gpm work? I
pointed it at /dev/adbmouse- but there was no "mac" mouse available in the
list...which I assume is normal.

-Jeremiah Merkl

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