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Re: R: R: RS/6000 2.2.6 kernel (source,image) available soon.

> Sorry for replying again, but ...

Quite alright.
> Of course I've tried tens of images and tens of floppies.  Everytime it
> hangs when it is the moment of initalizing the console...

Hrm.. I know what the problem is, I know what the problem is.

Serial console? GXxx card? What kind of graphics do you have in the
> Now I could try to boot with TFTP (if it's possible...)

Should be possible.

> The CHRP kernel images I have are bigger than 1.44 Mb so... no floppy boot.

The CHRP kernel image I'm building SHOULD be <1.44M, but no garauntees.
> What about trying a HD boot, but how to configure it ?  Just dding the
> kernel image to a partition in AIX then indicating that partition from the
> OpenFirmware boot command ?

Excellent idea, but wrong way to do it.. actually.. hrm. I know how. The
Big Cheat(TM).

The 43P 140 has an ISA slot. Go find some cheezball ISA IDE controller,
and a dinky hard disk. mkfs -t ext2 that dinky hard disk. Put the kernel
and root filesystem on that. Tell the boot floppy to boot from
/dev/hda1. I did a similar cheat, using a PC SCSI-UW controller, on an
F40 PowerPC Server in the beginnings of development.

Best of luck. :)

-Phillip R. Jaenke, Head Unix Guru, Unicent Telecom
 216-344-2649 x4268

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