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Re: MP support

> First... Greetings from Switzerland!

Back from germany :-)

> Just got a not-too-expensive (couldn't-call-it-cheap) dual604e board.
> Is multiprocessing support integrated in the kernels I get from
> LinuxPPC?

What type of system is this board, prep, chrp or a powermac (clone)?

> Do I have to compile my own kernel with some options?

Yes, if you know your system-type, select it and also smp support.
For the type look at /proc/cpuinfo, my one is:

isis:~# cat /proc/cpuinfo
processor       : 0
cpu             : 604e
clock           : 200MHz
revision        : 18.3
bogomips        : 466.94
zero pages      : total 0 (0Kb) current: 0 (0Kb) hits: 0/20798 (0%)
machine         : CHRP IBM,LongTrail-2
memory bank 0   : 16 MB SDRAM
memory bank 1   : 16 MB SDRAM
memory bank 2   : 16 MB SDRAM
memory bank 3   : 16 MB SDRAM
board l2        : 512 KB Pipelined Synchronous (Copy-Back)

The machine: is for what you should look. 



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