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Re: ggi debs for testing

On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:

> On Wed, 28 Apr 1999, Kostas Gewrgiou wrote:
> >I did built libgii/libggi/svgalib4ggi rpms a week ago (under glibc1.99)
> >ggi apps run fine under X, dga support seems broken though. 
> >Under fb they work BUT resolution changes result in invalid scan range
> >from my monitor, if you are already in the right res ggi programs run 
> >fine. i spend a few hours playing heretic/doom in the console using
> >both ggi and svga/ggi with no problems.
> That's good news. At least now we know that ggi can work on fbdev/powerpc.
> Does the rpm include any specific powerpc/glibc 1.99 patches? Where is the
> .src.rpm?
> Also, what kernel/compiler/display(mach64,control,platinum, etc.)?

  Ops sorry i forgot to give more info, i got the source rpms from
ftp://atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz/pub/local/miri/ggi/2.0b2/ (link from the
ggi homepage) i didn't had to do any changes in the source, i only removed
the parts that don't built (vgagl needs glide) in the %files section of the
spec file.
My kernel was around 2.2.4/5 at that time, latest version of egcs (1.1.2),
display is atyfb (Mach64 GX). 

  Kostas Gewrgiou

PS> I plan to write some ggi apps some time next week so i'll take a closer
look at it.

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