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Stylewriter drivers debianized


  For those of you who have an Apple Stylewriter -family printer, I have
just debianized the driver for this printer. It is my first attempt at
packaging, so I don't know even if it works (my lprng config is fscked,
although using the driver directly works fine). I'd appreciate it if some
folks would take a look and see if it works for them.
  I have been unable to contact the author, so I'm reluctant to make a big
announcement, or apply to be a maintainer. I expect there are others out
there who could benefit from this package, however, so please go ahead and
try it.

the powerpc-compiled package can be got at:
and the source is in

Due to the fact that the appletalk component does not compile on powerpc,
that piece has been omitted. You may only print to printers attached to
your serial port. If I can ever get ahold of the author, this may change.

Oh! one important note: I forgot to include a command in the package...
after you install, be sure to make a symlink pointing from
/dev/stylewriter to the appropriate serial port. This is the author's
scheme, and I haven't decided whether I like it or not yet (or if it goes
against some debian guideline), so that's the way it is for now. Edit
/etc/printcap if you don't like it.


Peter Abrahamsen

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