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Re: Debian PowerPC Status

>     I just recently got Debian Potato up on my Blue Mac G3, and I'm really
> impressed.  I was just checking out the Debian site w.r.t. the PowerPC port,
> but the information looked a bit outdated.  Can I do anything to help? Thanks.

I play currently with the german powerpc web-pages (to test the layout and the 

Has anyone a nice 601 pic (or 604e, 750), without IBM or Motorola around it (on
the chip is ok, but not again on top of the pic). 

Have s/o good (informative) web-links?

I need s/o to translate german-> english. I can do this (on the first stage) but
after that someone must re-read it and correct it.


You have the G3 working? How about the usb devices? Have you compiled your own kernel?



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