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Re: Debian on Apple 180c

Martin Schulze wrote:
> > Has anyone else had a problem booting debian on a pre-powerpc apple
> > powerbook? I can't get past the color selection screen. It just
> > stopped, not frozen.

        First thing, people at the m68k Debian GNU/Linux mailing list will
probably be able to help you better...

        You can subscribe to the debian-68k list at
http://debian.org/MailingLists/subscribe/, or:

"To subscribe or unsubscribe to such a list, please send mail to 


with the word `subscribe' or `unsubscribe' as subject. 

Please remember the -REQUEST inside of the name."

        Anyway, it seems the 180c isn't still supported, for lack of machines
available to the developers.  Perhaps you could help that, developing
yourself, selling or giving your not-working machine to them?

        This I found at http://www.mac.linux-m68k.org./current/sysreq.html:

"Powerbook / Powerbook Duo

Much like laptops of the Intel/Linux world, Mac laptops have generally
different setups that can be very hard to figure
out. Also, because of a general lack of machines to test, we are only
aware of boots on the Powerbook 145,
Powerbook 150, Powerbook 170, Powerbook 180, and Powerbook 190. Even if
it boots, we currently have no
support for Powerbook-style ADB, the APM support, or just about anything
else on them. This means the only way to
log in is with a terminal hooked up to the serial interface, this has
been tested on the 170.

Several Powerbooks have internal IDE which is supported. PCMCIA drivers
will be forthcoming if someone can supply
the necessary hardware information to write a driver. As always, an FPU
is needed also. Many of the later models
have the 68LC040 processor without FPU, and many of these processors are
broken with respect to the FPU trap
mechanism so they can't run regular Linux binaries even with FPU
Current status on Powerbooks 140, 160, 165, 165c, 180c, 190, 520 and
Duos 210, 230, 250, 270c, 280, and 280c is unknown."

Leandro Guimarães Faria Corcete Dutra

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