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Re: Boot disks for PowerPC

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Hartmut Koptein wrote:
> > Speaking of, where is this "powerpc webpage"? The only one I can find is the
> > one off of the Debian/ports page, and that one's a little out of date...
> Yes, thats the correct page.
> To do a new/useful layout of this page i need also more information/docus, ...
> I'll update the pages after boot-floppies are useful/working. 
> Thnx,
>     Hartmut

Makes sense to me.

In the meantime tho, does anyone have documentation on the current, if
cludgy, install methods?

My memory is vague, but is it something like DL the base???.tar.gz file,
unpack it, point LILO (or bootX or something) to it, restart, and apt or
dpkg-ftp the rest down?

I'd happily make an attempt at idiot-proof instructions/documentation if
this is the general idea, and if no-one else has done it yet. :)

-Jeremiah Merkl

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